Climbing Pico de São Tomé


Let's take you to the top of São Tomé which, in colonial times, was the highest mountain in the Portuguese empire.

Climbing Pico de Sao Tomé, the highest mountain in Sao Tomé (2024 m) will take you 2 days. During the trek you will have to climb several smaller mountains before you get to Mesa where you stay overnight.

The following day you climb the last section to the summit. This time of the day is ideal to stand on the very top of the island, as the evaporation from the forest is less likely to cover the island in clouds, leaving a clear view of the island.

In clear weather you will sometimes even be able to see Principe (150 km from Sao Tomé). It may be possible for experienced hikers to do this trip in 1 day only.

Bird life

The same as on your way to Lagoa Amélia.

There is, therefore, no need to climb Pico to see any particular species, although it does offer an overview of the cloud forest and throws light on the altitudinal distribution of endemic birds.

Do bear in mind that this hike is to be considered very strenuous and that the forest can be very tricky underfoot. This trek should not be undertaken by people that are not very physically fit and capable of trekking about 8 hours a day.