: week in the «Middle of the World»


The beautiful islands of Sao Tome and Principe offer the ideal setting for adventure sports in a natural environment.  With accommodation in comfortable family-run guesthouses, pensions and rustic inns, the "SAO TOME BIKE: WEEK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD Adventure" follows paths that leave the city of Sao Tome, through the heart of the rainforest, cocoa plantations, fishing villages and culminates Rolas Island in the exclusive, where the equator meets the greenwich. An unforgettable eco tourist adventure in the 'middle world', in discovering the natural wealth of the island of Sao Tome, feeling the thrill of wild trails, paths and dirt roads winding, which provides unforgettable moments of pleasure and of rare beauty.

Guide chief: Gontrand. Gontrand Artu is French, his passion for cycling and Africa has led him to repeated participation in Africa competitions. By associating with 'Roulez pour l'Afrique ", it was possible to implement support for African cycling federations, including Sao Tome and Principe. After several years in Sao Tome, he decided to settle in and share his passion for mountain biking in this authentic and little known island, the island of the "Middle of the world."
Edy Amado is a cyclist, federated in Cycling Federation of Sao Tome and Principe, knows his country and with pleasure will make you discover the finer details! Edy speaks Portuguese and French.

Day 1: «Leve Leve» Arrival in São Tomé (15 km)
Airport reception and transport to accommodation. Assembly and adjustment of the bicycles. The journey begins after lunch with a stroll to the rhythm "leve leve " slowly, slowly, in finding capital city and its suburbs.
Level: easy
Dinner and Accommodation: Poiso Alto Guesthouse

Day 2: View of the North Coast (40-45 km)
Breakfast. Out for a stroll in discovering the charms of the northern part of the island of Sao Tome, starting in the capital city and passing through Plantation Roça Agostinho Neto, Neves village  and Plantation Roça Diogo Vaz , where lunch is served at the local restaurant. There is also a possibility to visit the fishing village of Santa Catarina.
Level: medium
Dinner and Accommodation: Pousada Roça Diogo Vaz

Day 3: On the Routes of Coffee (50 km)
Breakfast. Having won the northern coastal zone, the next stage penetrates up by oldways of disposing of coffee, which weaves the heart of the island of Sao Tome and interconnect the Plantation Roça Chamiço, Roça Monte Café and Roça Bombaim. Lunch at the Roça Monte Cafe. 
Level: hard
Dinner and Accommodation: Pousada Roça Bombaim

Day 4: On the Routes of Cocoa (40-50Km)
Breakfast. The departure from Bombaim takes place in  early morning, to enjoy the best hours of the day. The route follows a dirt track inland to Plantation Roça Agua Izé, where lunch is served. The journey continues along the coast until we reach Plantation Roça Micondo.
Level: Hard
Dinner and Accommodation: Pousada Roça Micondo

Day 5: Jalé, where the road ends…(40Km)
Breakfast. The journey continues along the coast towards the remote Jale beach, the main spawning ground for sea turtles in the extreme south of the island of Sao Tome. On the way, the opportunity to visit Roça Porto Alegre and other fantastic beaches of the south, all deserted with exotic names. Lunch at a local restaurant.
Level: Hard
Dinner and Accommodation: Jalé Beach Ecolodge

Day 6: The “Middle of the World”
Breakfast. The Rolas islet, where the equator meets the greenwich and marks the"middle of the world" is our goal at this stage. Lunch is served at a restaurant in the region. Take some time to rest or take a dip. The return trip takes place late in the afternoon, with a stop at Plantation Roça Sao João.
Level: easy   
Dinner and Accommodation: Pousada Roça São João

Day 7: São Tomé.
Breakfats. Free day.
Dinner and accommodation: Poiso Alto Gold Guesthouse

Day 8: Leaving
Transfer to the airport. Formalities and departure information.

PRICE PER PERSON: From 980€, for groups of four people.
Consult the fare for groups of over four people.

- Supp. Single room, EUR120
- Supp. Bicycle Rental, EUR80

- Airport transport, hotel, airport
- Accommodation in Standard double room, shared
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
- Drinks during excursion
- Crossing Boat, Ponta Baleia - Rolas
- Professional guide assistance and logistic support vehicle.

- Air ticket and Airport tax
- Alcoholic beverages are not included
- Bikes BTT, cycling equipment and insurance.